About Us

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BAGVARTI is one the oldest Anatolian goddesses who has been known as “Protector” in the pre-historic era. That history bounded us with our roots and inspired us while creating our brand.


Therefore, we have freshly founded our Brand in 2020 in a small atelier in Amsterdam with a dedication of creating nicely designed handmade soy candles.


The ambition of bringing together the Ancient and Modern designs is embodying in our BAGVARTI candles.


Prepared, Poured and Protected. All handmade!






Onur Senbas and Yigitalp Avus are the co-founders and brains of Bagvarti. They have moved to Amsterdam in 2019, and founded the brand one year later.


Onur has studied Fine Arts, worked in different places as a designer until creating the Brand. He is very passionate and innovative to bring our portfolio to the level which tailors your need. Although Yigitalp is not involved in design part of the production, he is mostly helping in Marketing, Sales and Financial areas. He is mostly specilized in Digital Marketing, professionally working as Campaign Developer in a company since 5 years after his studies in Economics.